The purpose of the following programs is to encourage landowners to manage their forestland in return for a reduced and/or frozen property tax
assessment.  The savings can be very significant depending on where you live.  Waterfront property owners where assessments are the highest are
especially encouraged to join.
Any owner of five or more contiguous acres of forestland on one parcel may enter these programs. That being said, you must have at least 6 acres of
land to qualify since the Dept. of Taxation and Assessments will deduct 1.0 acre off the top for a residence.  House sites, cropland and other
non-forest open space are not eligible. Open land that was recently planted to forest tree seedlings can be included after one growing season. Land
used to grow Christmas trees is also eligible if the trees will be cut at harvest, i.e. not sold as balled and burlapped trees.